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National Health Medicals PTY Ltd is a trusted, compliant importer and distributor of rapid diagnostic, surgical and disposable medical supplies in Africa. We are an authorised Medical Device Establishment and Importer that is registered with SAHPRA (South African Health Products Regulatory Authority), with the certification that further ensures peace of mind to our customers (Licence number: 00000391MD). Specialising in trusted brands such as NH Medical and Accurate Medical, we offer a comprehensive range of products for pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, doctor’s rooms, OHC (Occupational Health Care), VCT (Voluntary Counselling and Testing), mining companies, shipping companies and health care centres across the continent. With a focus on personalised, quality service, our goal is to simplify the process of sourcing and ordering diagnostic and disposable medical supplies.

Founded in 2003 by Jaco Henning, a pharmacist with over 18 years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry, National Health Medicals takes great pride in offering the best quality medical supplies and reliable service, at competitive prices. For almost two decades, we have worked hard to consistently innovate, building trust that is backed by a commitment to excellence, extensive product knowledge and forward-thinking technology. Our insight into the often challenging pharmaceutical industry allows us to offer our customers invaluable insight that goes far beyond expectation. Our passion for what we do enables us to provide the very best possible level of service.

What we offer

National Health Medicals PTY Ltd is based in Cape Town, with a country-wide distribution network across Africa, serving South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Swaziland. We supply pharmacies, healthcare centres and various industries of all sizes with a constantly growing product range that is updated frequently. As experienced, trusted distributors of diagnostic and surgical products, we offer the following solutions: 

Rapid Diagnostic Tests

We import, supply and distribute a wide range of easy to use, high quality rapid diagnostic screening, in vitro diagnostic products and confirmatory tests that include HIV tests, drug screening tests, malaria tests, pregnancy tests, various STD and STI tests, cardiac markers, urinalysis tests and  a variety of other diagnostic tests. We also import and manufacture OEM or private label products to various customers, to suit their individual needs.

Surgical and Medical Supplies

We offer a comprehensive range of surgical products, from first aid kits all the way through to Blood Pressure Monitoring Systems and other surgical essentials for doctor’s rooms, clinics and pharmacies, hospital groups and various other customers. We import and distribute a variety of branded, unbranded, as well as custom-branded blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and glucose strips, nebulisers, haemoglobin testing kits, digital thermometers and infrared thermometers.


We also stock a wide range of disposable medical supplies, including alcohol swabs and lancets, bandages, plasters, gauze, gloves, syringes, needles and an assortment of other medical consumables.

We are standing by to assist, whether you require a once-off order or an ongoing relationship with a medical supplies specialist that you can trust.

Contact us today with any questions you may have, or browse our product selection to view our full range of quality diagnostic products and medical supplies in Africa.